College Battle of the Bands: Chicago!

Hallo Blog!

I hope everyone is doing very good. I have also been doing very good! Last Weeks I did some more Official Hosting of College Battle of the Bands, here are some Fotos that are the Evidence of it!

CHICAGO YOU ARE GREAT! Peoples did enjoy my Songs here. I Performed "roachBug," and also did create a Freestyles Rap about Dinosaurs that are loving a Kitten. It was good.

Also, I did enjoy sharing a Microfon with great Bands and Peoples, like The Working Hour! They are behind me here and waiting for me to shut it.

Interviewing with the Bands -- like Carbon Tigers, the Winners! -- was very great. I think I did say a Weird Thing direct before this Foto:

Also, Thank You to, a great Sponsor of this Eventing! (And with me is a Dope Member of Words After!)

In close: Chicago I do love you, Wind City! I must return to you.

I hope all of Everyone is great, and Thank You to You for all the Supportings. We Bring More Soon!